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Musica in Aeternum - Heavy Metal & Hard Rock Podcast & Blog

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  • 01/04/17--09:37: DC758 We Will Force
  • Charetta: We Will Survive (from “Fate Strikes Twice”, New York, Rich from Gravel Entertainment) Photo by:Deneka Peniston Ventenner: Anamnesis (from “Invidia”, London  UK, Hibernacula Records) Ddent: Arzel (from “آكتئاب” (Melancholy) Paris, France, Feb Release, Purple Sage PR) Heart Avail: Vacillation (from “Heart Avail”, Spokane, USA, Milagro Records) Inire: Wide Awake (from “Cauchemar”, Quebec, Canada, Asher) Cries … Continue reading DC758 We Will Force

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  • 01/16/17--11:00: DC760 Dust and Swallow
  • Fall of Carthage: Dust and Dirt (from “The Longed for Reckoning”, Germany, MDD Records) Acranius: : Outlaw (from “Reign in Terror”, Germany, Rising Nemesis Records) Chronic Hangover: Lucifer in the Sky with Diamonds (from “Nero Inferno Italiano”, Italy, Minotauro Records) The Chronicles of Israfel: Nightmare (from “A Trillion Lights Tome II”, Montreal, Canada, Asher) Kratornas: … Continue reading DC760 Dust and Swallow

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  • 02/07/17--11:00: DC763 Rosehip War
    1. Nord: Rosehip Garden (from “Alpha”, Denmark, Inverse Records)
    2. 88 Mile Trip: Cowboys in HongKong (from “Blame Canada”, Canada, Asher, FREE EP)
    3. All Else Fails: The Sons of Plenty (from “The Forever Lie”, Canada, Asher, 17th Feb)
    4. Courtesans: Mesmerise (from “Better Safe Than Sober”, London, UK, Stampede, March)
    5. Fabio La Manna: Starchild (from “Ebe”, Torino, Italy, AgainstPR)
    6. Ghost Avenue: Escape (from “Impact”, Norway, Pitch Black Records, 3rd Feb)
    7. Ghost Season: Sons of Yesterday (from “Like Stars in A Neon Sky”, Athens, Greece, Pavement Entertainment)
    8. Invasion: Approaching Cauldron of Horror (from “Destroyer of Mankind”, Indiana, USA, Abyss Records, Clawhammer PR)
    9. Spitefuel: Sleeping with Wolves (from “Sleeping with Wolves”, Heilbronn, Germany, MDD Records)
    10. Teleport: Path of Omniscience (from “Ascendence”, Slovenia, Self Release, AgainstPR)
    11. Four Star Revival: Rumors of War (from “The Underdog”, Dayton Ohio, USA, Headstone Records)

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  • 02/21/17--11:00: DC765 Vantablack Bride
    1. Dool: Vantablack (from “Here Now, There Then”, Holland, Pioneer Music Press)
    2. Thormesis: Verblasst (from “Trümmerfarben”, Germany, MDD Records)
    3. Curses: The Abandoned (from “Chapter 1: Introspect”, West Virginia, USA, Imminence Records)
    4. Lab64: Season of The Witch (from “Blacken the Sky, NSW, Australia)
    5. This Gun for Hire: Alligator Death Roll (Vancouver, Canada, Asher)
    6. Ignite the Fire: Over It (Single Release, Maryland, USA)
    7. Kepler Ten: Time and Tide (from “Time and Tide”, Southampton, UK)
    8. KKAMGWI: Breakthrough The Critical Point (South Korea)
    9. Krobak: No Pressure, Choice is Yours (from “Nightbound”, Kiev, Ukraine, Purple Sage PR)
    10. Mercury Rain: Bride of The Dark (from “St. Mattheu”, Remastered Re Release, Bristol, UK)


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  • 04/11/17--12:00: DC772 Drifting Aeons
  • Xtortya: Drifting (from “Xtortya”, Perth, Australia, Bleeding Nose Records) Death or Glory: My Darkness (from “Death Without Glory”, Spain) Ceu En Chamas: Gritos e Sussurros (from “Infernal”, Brazil, Self), Dead Earth Politics: Wretched Things (from “The Mobius Hammersmith”, Austin, Texas, USA. Pavement Music) Don’t Try This: Living a Lie (from “Wireless Slaves”, Germany, Boersma-Records) Eden … Continue reading DC772 Drifting Aeons

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  • 04/18/17--12:00: DC773 Easter Mixtape
  • Cranial: Dark (from “DarkTowers / Bright Lights” , Germany, Moment of Collapse Records Ancara: Wake Up (from “Garden of Chains”, Finland, Concorde Music Company) Goresoerd: Antikeha (Estonia, Inverse Records) Return to Void: Vail of Confusion, Finland, Inverse Records) Meraine: Black Raven (Germany, Moment of Collapse Records) Carnal Decay:  (from “You Owe, You Pay”, Switzerland, Rising Nemesis … Continue reading DC773 Easter Mixtape

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  • 04/25/17--12:00: DC774 Victory Sun
  • Burning Shadows: Sword to Victory (from “Truth in Legend”, Maryland, USA) 4th May Slagduster: Profane Puppet (from “Dead Weight”, British Colombia, Canada, Waterlow Audio records, Asher) 5th May Abrasive: Book of Sin (from “Book of Sin”,  Germany, Rebirth The Metal Productions, Against PR) Mountaineer: Sirens Song (from “Sirens Slumber”, Oakland, California, USA, Lifeforce Records) 19th … Continue reading DC774 Victory Sun

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  • 05/05/17--12:00: DC776 Call Against
  • Now on Hard Rock Hell Radio!  Podcast is extended now for extra  band goodness. Face Down Hero: Last Exit Call (from “False Evidence Appearing Real, Marburg, Germany, Yonah Records) Before Humans: Into The Void (from “Self Destruction”, Córdoba, Spain) A Higher Demise: Entropy (Single Release,  Dartford UK) Convulsions: Product of The Lost (from “Culture Shock”, … Continue reading DC776 Call Against

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  • 05/12/17--06:00: DC777 Fire Mob
  • PYROXENE: CLEANSED IN THE FIRE (from “EP”, Slovenia, Inverse Records) FOZZY: JUDAS (Single Release, USA, Century Media Records) BASTIAN: WARRIOR FRIEND (from “Back to The Roots”, Italy, Sliptrick Records) BEAR: CHILDBREAKER (from “Bear”, Antwerp, Belgium, Basick Records) FURY: LOST IN SPACE (from “Lost in Space”, Worcester, UK) BLEED AGAIN: DROWNING IN DREAMS (from “Momentum”, UK, Sliptrick … Continue reading DC777 Fire Mob

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  • 06/23/17--05:54: DC783 Toxic Hedonist
  • Nuclear Oath – Toxic Playground – 00:11 – USA Nocte Obducta – Totholz – 5:35 – Germany Post Pulse – Final Goodbye – 10:54 – from “Halls of The Damned”, Helsinki, Finland For Giants – We Wrote this Wall – 16:43 – New York, USA Petyr – Satori III – 21:37 – San Diego, California, USA Walpyrgus – Somewhere under Summerwind – … Continue reading DC783 Toxic Hedonist

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  • 07/07/17--05:00: DC785 2017 Summer Mixtape
  • Knogjärn  – Bitar_Av_Glas – – from “Marscherar & Förstör”, Sweden, Big Balls Productions Life Like Fire – Showtime – – Calgary, Canada Massive Scar Era – Despite My Will – – Egypt Running Death – DressAge – – from “DressAge”, Germany Wolves Attack – Silver Bullet – – from “Dominate”, Pennsylvania, USA, Horror, Pain Gore … Continue reading DC785 2017 Summer Mixtape

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  • 07/21/17--17:00: DarkCompass 22-07-17
  • Orden Ogan – Gunman – – Single Release – Germany Alestorm – Mexico – – from “No Grave but The Sea”, Scotland Anthrax – Carry on my Wayward Son Listen at

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  • 08/04/17--06:02: DarkCompass 04-08-17
  • The Chant – Approacher – from “Approacher”, Finland, Lifeforce Records Dear Seattle – Afterthought, Sydney, Australia Smoke Mountain – Smoke Mountain, Florida, USA Thyrant – E.O.S – from “What We Left Behind”, Malaga, Spain Leider – Phoenix – from “Alloys”, Mexico Cold Catatonic – You Were My Nightmare, Colombia Abandoned Souls – Stand out Front … Continue reading DarkCompass 04-08-17

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  • 09/01/17--05:00: DarkCompass 01-09-17
  • Modern Day Outlaw – Good Day To Die Florida, USA Conclusion of An Age – Infinite War Germany Enfold Darkness – Terror of a Perilous Quest Nashville, USA Terror Empire – Times of War Portugal Jaw Bones – Disciple from “Wrongs on a Right Turn”, Greece Odium – Frozen World Canada Synthetic – Hollow (ft. … Continue reading DarkCompass 01-09-17

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  • 12/08/17--05:00: DarkCompass 08-12-17
  • Nervcast – Chemical Solution The Red Widows – Witchcraft Internal Chaos – The Arc Juliet Ruin – Ugly Side Scars of Solitude – Enemy Brodys Militia – The Bulldozer Phosphor – Drachenzeit Aphotic Constant – U92 Tankard – New Liver Please Violent Divine – Crawl … Continue reading "DarkCompass 08-12-17"

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  • 12/15/17--05:00: DarkCompass 15-12-17
  • Atena – Argument Warcall – Riding with Zombies Exarsis – Prophet for Profit Feral – While Flowers Die Psychedelic Witchcraft – Lords of The War Toe to Toe – Endurance Elyne – Demons The Reed Effect – Down in Here Scream of The Butterfly – Missed The … Continue reading "DarkCompass 15-12-17"

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  • 01/05/18--05:00: DarkCompass 05-01-18
  • 13×4 Leaves Eyes – Sign of the Dragonhead Punishment – Once Were Gods Submitted Dauthuz – Dying Breed Netherlands Techne – Breathe Nyctophilia – Dark December Forest Grimtone – The Blood of The Dead Synapse Defect – Friendly Lawn Darts Nordheim – I wish you were Beer … Continue reading "DarkCompass 05-01-18"

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  • 01/19/18--05:00: DarkCompass 19-01-18
  •  Aetherian – The Rain Kouleman Galleria – Ajan Hammas Dark Avenger – The Loathsome Carcass St. Elmo’s Fire – We Will Not Die Sages – Wasting Away Unbowed – Stormblood Shadowpath – Deny Me Leaves Eyes – Across The Sea Orca – Stitch I-Def-I – … Continue reading "DarkCompass 19-01-18"

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